Full Regulations found in Class H section of ARKANSAS REGULATIONS ON PESTICIDE USE Agency No. 209.0 available at:

The following is a selection of rules specific to Dicamba product uses in dicamba-tolerant crops in Arkansas.

  • Applications of Dicamba are prohibited from May 26th to October 31st except:
    • In areas East of the Mississippi river levee, applications of dicamba products may be made pursuant to a special permit, but in no event will a special permit be issued for applications made more than 45 days (soybeans) or 60 days (cotton) after planting
      • Special permit required and issued by the Plant Board
      • Permit must be obtained 10 days prior to application
      • Applicator must maintain a one mile buffer from non-dicamba tolerant crops
      • Records required by federal label must be submitted to the Plant Board within 10 days of application

Applications of Dicamba from April 16th to May 25th

  • Must maintain a 1 mile buffer in all directions from:
    • University and USDA research stations
    • Certified organic crops
    • Commercially grown specialty crops (defined as a minimum of 1000 plants or the average annual crop sales for the previous 3 years exceeding $25,000)
  • Glyphosate tank mixes with Dicamba are not allowed after April 16th
  • Must maintain a ½ mile buffer zone in all directions from non dicamba-tolerant crops

Record keeping requirements additional to the federal requirements

  • Application records must be kept for 3 years and must be available for inspection by Plant Board representatives
  • In addition to the records required by the federal label, applicators must record:
    • Type of equipment used, and Firm’s Application Equipment Number if applied by a commercial applicator
    • Type of instrument used to measure wind speed and direction and location of instrument  at the time of reading
  • Visit for an Arkansas record keeping form.

This tool can be used to assess buffer requirements specific to Arkansas, and can be accessed via the link below.

Screenshot of Tool for assessing buffer requirements