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Georgia requires state-provided training. Applicators in these states can find information about state-provided training through their state pesticide regulatory agency.

Check back soon for updates. This page will be updated as state registrations and training allowances are received.

Important Stewardship Message

  • Product stewardship of dicamba products includes the responsible use of only approved, low-volatility formulations of dicamba with Roundup Ready® Xtend Technology and following all application requirements on product labels
  • Proper product stewardship helps enable continued access to important weed control technologies
  • Use of any dicamba product that is not approved for over-the-top use with Roundup Ready® Xtend Technology is strictly prohibited by federal and state laws
  • To report any misuse of dicamba products, including the use of unapproved formulations, or if you have any questions related to the proper use of low-volatility formulations of dicamba, contact your Bayer representative or call 1-844-RRXTEND (1-844-779-8363).

Suggestions for a seamless experience: 

  • Reserve the appropriate amount of time, free of distraction.
    • The online course should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.
    • Once you begin the course, there is a 24-hour window for completion. If that time expires, you will have to begin again.
  • Optimize your connection.
    • Use the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
    • Ensure you have a strong internet connection. (If your internet connection is lost while taking the course, you will need to begin again.)  
  • Certain browser activity will trigger a restart. Avoid the following:
    • Using your browser’s back and/or forward button.
    • Navigating to a new webpage within the same browser window.
    • Clearing your cache or closing/refreshing your browser.

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